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Succeed in Marriage Course  
Succeed in Marriage Course - April 29th

You have invested years of your life into your marriage. Don't let it go to waste.  

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The Secret to Changing Your Life

Some of these things are rooted in us, observed from birth.

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“Why are you not more like so and so, who is so polite and organized?”

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"What do y'all do at Succeed in Life Center?" is a question we hear a lot.

In short: We help people solve life's problems through down-to-earth advice & the power of prayer.

Why prayer? A lot of life's problems only take common sense to solve. You can solve them on your own, you don't need us.

Other problems require a pair of trained eyes and ears – someone who's dealt with the problem so many times before that when he/she hears yours, they have the exact tool you need to solve it. That's what our pastors and counselors are — expert problem-solvers. (You should really try them out)

But we admit there are some kinds of problems that no amount of common sense or expert advice can solve. An incurable disease. An addiction that won't be broken. A spouse who refuses to change. There are some problems that ONLY GOD can solve. That's why we believe in the power of prayer -- and we use it effectively.

So, if you're tired of trying on your own or others have failed to help you, try us. We love challenges. Start here.

You too can succeed in life!

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