Our 10am Sunday morning services (also at 7.30am) are not your average religious ceremonies that are attended for convenience. These Sunday meetings aim to help people connect with God, to empower people and teach them on how to use their faith to achieve what they want in their lives. All are welcome regardless of age, gender, background or beliefs. We also have other meetings happening through the day with a service at 4pm for those who want to see the power of God and a special study of the book of Revelation at 6pm.
Calling all aspiring business owners, the unemployed, the aspirers and the innovators! If you can be labelled in any one of these categories, then this meeting is for you! Our Independence Project and Business meetings aim to help people reach successin their financial lives, whether they are looking for a new job or starting a business. Attendees are provided with down-to-earth advice on how to become a financial success. The Independence Project meetings are held every Monday, with the main service being at 7.30pm (we also have meetings at 7am, 10am and 3pm).
They say that sickness develops when you are old, but this ideology could not be further from the truth. We are seeing a range of people of all ages and backgrounds becoming sick. The Tuesday meetings specifically aim to help those who have any type of sickness and want to be free. With free advice and prayers available, we believe you can live a life without sickness. The meetings are held every Tuesday at 7.30pm
It has been said that the only way to keep a relationship alive is to continually work and invest in it. The Wednesday meetings are an opportunity to invest in your relationship with God and learn how to grow spiritually. With in-depth studies of the Bible, this meeting will leave you inspired and strong in your faith. The main meeting is held at 7.30pm, but meetings are also held throughout the day at 7am, 10am and 3pm.
If there is anyone we can rely on in this world, it is our family. Through the good times and bad, our families are a source of support and love that many of us rely on. Unfortunately, many people do not have this family support. Instead they suffer with problems like family conflict, separation and addiction. The goal of the family meeting is to bring families together. No family is perfect, but they can be free from any hate, separation and other underlying issues. Join us every Thursday to ee a great change in your family. Meetings take place at 7am, 10am, 3pm and 7.30pm.
There is a root to every problem. No issue can be dealt with permanently without removing its root. Every Friday, strong prayerful support is provided for anyone who is facing a problem that is influenced by negativity. You can be temporarily relieved from any problem, but the root has to be cut off for you to experience complete freedom. Let us help you live a more positive and fulfilled life
Have you ever looked at a problem or situation and thought, ‘this is impossible, there is no solution to this?' If so, you are wrong. Nothing is impossible and at our meetings every Saturday at 7am, we fight to prove that. So if you are not willing to give up on your situation and want to see the ‘impossible become possible’, join us every Saturday at 7am.

Am I a victim of a curse or is it just a coincidence?


Understand the difference between coincidences and curses.


"By coming to the Love School and getting the continuous help I needed, I was able to restore my marriage completely. Today, we are faithful to each other and happy.”

Kristine and Gene


A friend of mine told me about The Last Rock Meetings and gave me The Last Rock book. I went to every meeting although at first I didn’t believe anything would change. As I read the book, the craving for drugs began to leave my life, and as soon as I finished reading the book, all of the addictions left completely.

Roger Vargas Sales

Sao Paulo

My life completely changed in a positive way. I got married, I am a mother now and I started a business in photography, which is currently doing very well. I am also much stronger and happier than I was before and when I first started attending the UCKG.

Jenine Mason


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