Our Timetable

One of our members put it in a nutshell when she said: “The HelpCentre can change your life!” Helping people is what drives us. And yet, we realize that the best, most permanent help we can give anyone is to empower them—when we teach them how to help themselves. This goal underlines everything we do. In practical terms, the heart of our work is the daily meetings we hold at each SiLC.

These are short 45-90 minute meetings where we give practical advice and teaching on how to change or improve various aspects of your life. These sessions include prayers for those things that only God can do.

Take a look at our schedule of services and read the brief description for each day.

Some people may find they need everything listed there, but most will identify one or two days of the week which they need to start attending. To attend, all you need to do is drop in on the day and time of the service.

Appointments are not necessary, though itʼs a good idea to first see a pastor so that you can be directed to the meetings that are best for you. Just call us for an appointment or ask to see someone on your first visit.

Helpline: 1.888.691.2291

Daily meetings at 8am, 10am, 4pm & 7pm

In addition to daily prayers and counseling, the Succeed in Life Center has various groups available to help people connect with others and also reach out to the community.

MONDAY | Financial Success

A prayer and faith building meeting to offer support around financial issues such as:

  • Debts
  • Slow business
  • Court cases
  • Unemployment
  • Money Wasting

Times:  8:00am  | 10:00am | 4:00pm | 7:30pm

TUESDAY | Healing Day

See this as a way to promote physical well-being as a complement to your doctor’s advice. Recive healing prayers for constant pains,diseases and other health issues.

Times8:00am  | 10:00am | 4:00pm | 7:00pm

WEDNESDAY | Personal Growth

If you are not growing spiritualy, you are dying. Discover new insights from God’s Word, makinf the Bible relevant for today. Feed your spirit, increase your faith and develop your relationship with God.

Times:  8:00am  | 10:00am | 4:00pm | 7:00pm


No success can compesate for failure in your family. Receive guidance and prayeful support for children in trouble, unsaved family, constant strife and the like.

Times:  8:00am  | 10:00am | 4:00pm

THURSDAY | Love Therapy

The Love Therapy  is aprogramme designed to assist single Chrisitians in finding true love and show couples how they can enjoy a lifetime of happines through a successful relationship.

Time:   7:00pm Only At SiLC Houston Southwest

FRIDAY | Spiritual Cleansing

All evil needs to prosper is for good people to do nothing.

Receive strong prayers with the laying on of hands and determine your deliverance and spiritual protection.

    Times:  8:00am  | 10:00am | 4:00pm | 7:30pm

    SATURDAY | Imposible Cases

     A meeting dedicated to those who have tried almost everything but are not willing to give up on their situation and want to see the imposible become posible.


      Times:  8:00am  

      SUNDAY | Empowerment

      Main eekly meeting. Get closer to God, learn how to pray effectively, receive the Spirit of power and strengh through faith in the Holy Spirit.


        Times:  8:00am | 10:00 am | 3:00 pm  

        SUNDAY | Study of Revelation

        The Book of Revelation explains what will happen before God comes to Earth and it applies to what we are seeing today. From conflict to current social conventions, the Bible will help you have a better understanding of todayʼs climate. So be sure to come to these interesting and helpful meetings.


          Times:  6:00 pm