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Being a man in the old days was quite simple. You learned two things from early on: fight to defend yourself and hunt for food. Those who could do it well, would turn out very well in life — and still take the girl home.

That was the basic condition a father would demand from a young man when considering him to marry his daughter. And she didn’t expect much more either. In many cases, love was secondary. You wouldn’t see women putting together a long list of attributes they wanted in their future husband such as: “He must be caring, have a good sense of humor, love going for long walks on the beach, be romantic, sensitive to my needs, smell good, love animals, accept me as I am, carry me in his arms when I’m tired, notice when I change my hair and compliment me, be a good listener, enjoy a conversation, be a friend, have a sense of fashion…”

That just wouldn’t happen.

“Can you and are you ready to protect me with your life? Can you support me as well as or better than my father? So put a ring here.” Simple as that. Alas, being a man in the 21st century is a different story. The world has changed. Women have changed. And many men are lagging behind and struggling to catch up. The result is there to be watched in 3D: Disoriented, Discontent and Discredited men.

Introducing IntelliMen

You may already have guessed that the project name is a combination of the words intelligent and men. We chose this name because besides sounding like a superhero, which every man secretly aspires to be since he was a kid, it perfectly embodies the project’s aims: to build up intelligent and better men in everything. We are not promising superpowers yet such as lifting buses with one finger, flying or invisibility — but we’re working on it.

For now, the project will focus on making regular men better. To participate you must be between 8 and 88 years old (after that my friend, maybe you should accept that you’re well set in your ways and things are not going to improve that much anymore… But if you still want to give it a try, there’s always room for one more 🙂 “Making men better” will be our motto. Being intelligent men, our mission. Let’s walk together, learn from each other. But expect CHALLENGES. We will challenge you to be better in all areas of your life. And to be one of IntelliMen, you must never run away from the challenges nor fail to complete them. Above all, you need the key ingredient to all learning: humility. If you do not recognize that you need to improve, we cannot help you.

Even if you are already strong and successful in many things, you must understand that:

No one will succeed by strength alone. 1 Samuel 2.9

It takes more than muscles to be a man. Character, intelligence, and faith are more important.

Frequently asked questions

Let us now turn to the basic questions about the project and how to participate.

  1. What is IntelliMen?  

    It is a group exclusively for men who want to be better in all areas of their lives. Men helping men, sharing what is good, working hard to improve every day — and having fun while doing it.
  2. Who can participate?

    Men of any age who are willing to submit to the rules of the group, detailed in our Manifesto.
  3. How can I participate?

    Read this entire Manifesto carefully, understand its conditions, commit to the project, and complete the weekly challenges that will be given to the group every Sunday.
  4. Where can I join?

    Anywhere in the world. The IntelliMen is not limited to a city, state or country. All you need is to have access to the Internet to interact with group’s blog and social networks.
  5. What do I do now?

    Read the Conditions to Join below and, if you accept them, begin working on the first Challenge immediately.

Conditions to Join

  1. Be humble to learn and be guided by the group.
  2. Have total commitment to the completion of all tasks and challenges within the set deadlines.
  3. Practice the spirit of sharing, especially being active on the group’s social networks and blog.
  4. Make your best efforts to attend the official events of the group in your area that may occur from time to time. (For now, participation is primarily through the Internet, but face meetings are planned.)
  5. Maintain respect and good humor with everyone in the group.
  6. Represent the group well at all times by giving a good example of behavior and character.
  7. Promote the group to other men and encourage them to participate — starting by choosing an Official Buddy (explained in Challenge #1, below).
  8. Your constructive criticism is welcome by the group organizers. However, comments intended to disparage the group will result in your exclusion.
  9. Yes, we reserve the right to exclude you with our without explanation, though we hope we may never need to use that right.
  10. If you start, finish it. There are 52 Challenges, one per week, for a year. If you are not fully committed to see it to the end, do not start. Here, giving up is not smart.

Using the group name correctly

IntelliMen — two L’s and the capital M in the middle. Make sure to use it correctly.
Attention to the singular variant of the name. IntelliMen (plural) refers to the group as a whole. IntelliMan (singular) refers to a single member of the group. For example:

– I’ve just joined the IntelliMen.
– I am an IntelliMan.

So, are you ready to join IntelliMen and become an IntelliMan? Let’s go to the first Challenge then! (Rhyme unintentional.)

IntelliMen Challenge #1

For starters, you’ll make your decision public and invite someone to start the challenge with you. So, follow the next steps:

  1. Tell someone about IntelliMen and invite him to join the group with you. It may be a friend, brother, colleague at work or church, cousin, father, son, etc. This person will be your Official Buddy in the group. You will talk about the challenges, some of which you’ll have to complete together, and will encourage each other. So choose someone nice to be your Buddy, who will take the project seriously and not let you down halfway through. It’s better to choose someone who lives close to you, but if you can’t, you may partner with someone who is in another city, state or country.
  2. Make sure your Buddy reads this Manifesto and accepts all the Conditions to Join. If he does not read it, he will not understand the commitment and will probably disappoint you later. For your convenience, here is the link to the Manifesto that you can send to him:
  3. Both of you must start following us on twitter and/or like us on Facebook.
  4. Take a picture of yourself doing the Official Hand Sign of IntelliMen (as shown below) and post it on our Facebook page with the words: IntelliMen Challenge #1: I am an intelligent man and so I accept the challenge to improve every day. My Buddy is… (name)

    On Twitter, post this: @IntellimenWorld #1IntelliMenChallenge: I accept the challenge to improve every day. My Buddy is… (name) Feel free to add any other comments if you want.

  5. Complete this Challenge by this Sunday, when we’ll post the second Challenge on the blog. (All Challenges will be posted on Sundays.)

Our official sites:

The Official Hand Sign – the punch of intelligence:

Take your picture and post it on Twitter or Facebook